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Food Dispensing and Puzzle Toys

Keeping your dog busy when you aren't available is important. Not only does it keep them out of trouble, it also helps teach them independent playing and learning. This is essential to learning problem solving skills while demonstrating impulse control. These toys are more than a food puzzle, they are essential learning tools.

Food Dispensing Toys


The red ones are for regular chewers, the black ones are for power chewers. Get a size larger than you think you will want. Smear peanut butter or plain yogurt around the sides, and then put kibble inside. Then smear another small amount on the top.  Alternatively, mix kibble with soft/wet food, and stuff into kibble. You can also put the stuffed Kong into the freezer to make it a little more difficult.


Similar to the regular Kong. Stuff with peanut butter, squeeze cheese or soft food for mental exercise for your dog. Freeze for longer lasting use.

twist and treatjpg.jpg

Put your dog’s kibble and a few stinky treats inside, and twist closed. If they are learning to use it, make it easy by allowing the treats to fall out easily. Make it more difficult as they have success.


Put your dog’s kibble inside and place it on the floor. They will bat it around for the kibble to fall out.


The Kong Goodie bone can be used in multiple ways. You can stuff it with soft cheese or peanut butter, or, you can use the holes to secure a bully stick. This allows your dog to eat the bully stick more safely and for you to be able to take it away before it is small enough to be a swallowing hazard.



Similar to the Kong Wobbler, it is designed to be filled with kibble and pushed to release the food onto the ground. Not for power chewers.

Slow Feeders

Toss kibble and some treats into the Snuffle Mat and place on the floor. They have to sniff out the food to eat. 

A plastic square that you can spread soft food, peanut butter or squeeze cheese. Great for keeping your dog stationary when practicing grooming training exercises.

The Slow Feeder can contain all or most of your dog's food. Use it alone and pour kibble inside. Mix kibble with soft food and it will slow them down eating even more. Dogs have to work to pick out the kibble and food from the nooks and crannies.

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