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Group Training Classes

This could be your future: you and your furry shadow, paws prancing in perfect unison, conquering pesky squirrels with practiced "leave it"s, and greeting friends with polite sniffs instead of exuberant jumps. This isn't a daydream – it's the reality of our group training classes in North Springfield!

Held in a convenient, easy-to-reach location, our small classes ensure your pup gets the personalized attention they deserve. In just 4 fun-filled sessions (spread out to skip all major holidays – hooray for uninterrupted training!), we'll tackle common canine conundrums such as jumping, leash pulling and door manners. For puppies, we begin a solid foundation of obedience and learn about appropriate puppy play.

And because life happens, we even throw in a makeup class – just in case you and your furry friend have a squirrel-chasing emergency.

So, ditch the dog-training woes and unleash the good times! 


Required vaccinations are Rabies and two Distemper (commonly listed as a variation of DHLPP on your veterinarian records). Proof of vaccination is required to attend classes.

Our Group Training Classes

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