Vizsla Dogs

Group Training

Dog Training Classes

Training classes are a great way to grow your bond with your dog while increasing their life manners. 

Our classes are taught at Veterinary Holistic Center in Springfield, VA. We offer a range of classes for dogs of all ages.  

Required vaccinations are Rabies and two Distemper (commonly listed as a variation of DHLPP on your veterinarian records). Proof of vaccination is required to attend classes.

Cute Puppy

Puppy Kindergarten

Class Starts Oct 17!
A class for puppies to learn basic manners and how to play appropriately. Puppies learn basic manners and we help troubleshoot common puppy problems.  Our puppy class is appropriate for dogs 6 months and younger.

Image by John Tuesday

Basic and Advanced Manners

Class starting Oct 17! 
This class is for all levels of training! This class is best suited to adolescent and adult dogs to learn to be better mannered canine companions. Open to dogs 5 months and older.

Dog Contest

Specialty Classes

Interested in Agility, Tricks or Nosework? Let us know and we will build a class. We need at least 2 students to start a class, and we would love to teach some fun tricks and enrichment! Email us below.