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Group Training Classes

This could be your future: you and your furry shadow, paws prancing in perfect unison, conquering pesky squirrels with practiced "leave it"s, and greeting friends with polite sniffs instead of exuberant jumps. This isn't a daydream – it's the reality of our group training classes in North Springfield!

Held in a convenient, easy-to-reach location, our classes are limited to just four canine Einsteins, ensuring your pup gets the personalized attention they deserve. In just five fun-filled sessions (spread out to skip all major holidays – hooray for uninterrupted training!), we'll tackle common canine conundrums like:

  • Jumping: From ecstatic hellos to couch commandeering, we'll have your pup paws-itively grounded.

  • Leash-pulling Houdinis: Transform walks from tug-of-wars to graceful strolls (with bonus points for sidewalk sniffs!).

  • Doorbell dilemmas: No more barking bonanzas! We'll teach your pup the art of the calm welcome.

And because life happens, we even throw in a makeup class – just in case you and your furry friend have a squirrel-chasing emergency.

So, ditch the dog-training woes and unleash the good times! Our classes are packed with positive reinforcement, engaging exercises, and plenty of tail-wagging fun. Plus, with a limited class size, you'll be saying "hasta la vista" to distractions and "hello" to a happier, more obedient pup. Ready to join the pack? Sign up today and let's turn those puppy blues into wags and woofs of joy! 


Required vaccinations are Rabies and two Distemper (commonly listed as a variation of DHLPP on your veterinarian records). Proof of vaccination is required to attend classes.

P.S. We also have limited spots available, so don't let this opportunity slip through your paws!

Our Group Training Classes

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