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Puppy Class: Fundamentals and Fun

Imagine this: six bundles of fluff, with wagging tails and eyes sparkling with mischief, frolicking in a wonderland of squeaky toys and gentle pats. That's puppy playtime in our class, limited to just 6 furry friends!

But this isn't just a puppy party (although, let's be honest, puppy parties are pretty epic). This is where your tiny tornado learns the finer points of canine etiquette, like mastering the "sit" so dinnertime isn't a whirlwind of paws and slobbery excitement, or walking politely on a leash without turning every stroll into a hilarious tug-of-war.

Think "Puppy Charm School," minus the stuffy uniforms and detention for chewing slippers. We use yummy treats, oodles of positive reinforcement, and enough games to tire out even the most energetic pup. Plus, with a class size so small, your little Einstein of the leash gets personalized attention, ensuring they graduate top dog in good manners (and maybe snagging the coveted "Most Adorable Bark" award).

So, ditch the puppy blues and sign up today! Let's unleash the good times, the good vibes, and the goodest pups in town. Spots are filling up faster than a bowl of kibble on treat day, so don't miss out on this tail-waggingly good time!

We'll see you and your furry best friend there!

Upcoming Classes

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