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Private Training

Everyday Obedience

Behavior Modification

Our private, one on one training covers all of your behavior needs, whether you need a better mannered pup or are experiencing serious problem behaviors.


Common issues addressed include: reactivity and aggression to dogs or people, trouble being home alone, mouthing or nipping, prey drive and handling issues. 

1 hour single lesson - $145.00. 

3 one hour lessons at your home - $405.00/package ($135.00/hr)

Start with a one hour session at the location of your choice. This is commonly your home, but can also be a local park or neighbor's yard. During the session, we discuss management solutions, begin training exercises and troubleshoot problem areas. We can also make equipment recommendations to help you be successful. After our session, we follow up with your notes and additional resources. We are always happy to answer questions in between sessions - we want our clients to be successful!

Written and video resources and information after the session

Email and phone support in between sessions at no extra charge

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