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Dog on Leash

Leashes, Longlines and Collars

The essential dog training tools. But there are so many on the market, which one do we choose? We go through the differences and which might be right for you.

Leashes, Longlines and Collars: Resources


A Steering Wheel instead of a Safety Tether


Leather Leash - 6ft

A soft but durable 6 ft leather leash allows you to accordion the leash in your hand comfortably while retaining the strength needed for medium to large dogs.

Nylon Leashjpg

Nylon Leash

Often I will recommend a cheap leash for tethering during house training or dragging around when introducing a dog to a new space. This leash is an example of a durable inexpensive lead.


Nylon Long Line

A long line is a must for safely practicing recalls. This one is inexpensive and durable. You can choose the length most suitable for you and your dog.

Waist Leash.jpg

Waist Leash with Bungee

My favorite waist leash was the Mt Tam by OllyDog. They don't make it anymore, but this has a similar style and durability. What I like about this leash is that it has parts of the leash that are solid leash and one section that is bungee material. The extra handles allow for keeping your dog close as needed.

Leashes, Longlines and Collars: Team Members


Martingale collar.jpg

A Martingale Collar is a safety collar. It is not a training collar, but a collar provides more control over your dog than a slip collar. The martingale is made of two loops, a smaller one and a larger one. The leash hooks to the smaller one and when the dog puts pressure on the leash, it causes the larger ring to close to a certain point. The collar will only tighten to a certain point, so the dog will not be choked. They are a good choice for dogs that are prone to slipping out of their collars.

Martingale Collar with Snap 

Leashes, Longlines and Collars: Testimonials
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