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Looking for Recommendations?

At Red Dog Run Training and Behavior, we’ve learned which training tools we love. And we wanted to share them with you.

Walking with Dogs
Dog with Toy
Dog on Leash
Dog Chew Toy 2

Our Favorite Toys

Every dog is different - some like squeaky, fluffy toys, and others like tennis balls. Here are some ideas for you if you are looking to add to your dog's collection.


Leashes, Longlines and Collars

The essential dog training tools. But there are so many on the market, which one do we choose? We go through the differences and which might be right for you.

Food Dispensing Toys

Keeping your dog busy when you aren't available is important. Not only does it keep them out of trouble, it also helps teach them independent playing and learning. This is essential to learning problem solving skills while demonstrating impulse control. These toys are more than a food puzzle, they are essential learning tools.

All About Harnesses and Head Halters

Harnesses can serve many purposes. They can help stop pulling, can encourage pulling, or just look cute. We discuss and share our favorite harnesses for each and every type of use.

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