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Sun, Feb 25



Puppy Prep and Play

Does your puppy need Charm School?

Puppy Prep and Play
Puppy Prep and Play

Time & Location

Feb 25, 2024, 9:30 AM

Springfield, 7950 Woodruff Ct #1, Springfield, VA 22151, USA

About the event

Unleash the pawsibilities in your adorable bundle of fluff with a puppy class designed for fun, socialization, and learning the important canine ABCs!

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Imagine this:

  • A supervised play area where four furry bundles of energy bounce, pounce, and explore under the watchful eyes of experienced trainers.
  • The happy symphony of playful barks and puppy yelps as they chase each other, wrestle playfully, and sniff noses in curious camaraderie.
  • Your precious pup, tail wagging with unrestrained enthusiasm, mastering the art of "sit" with a proud head tilt and a well-deserved treat.

This isn't just playtime, it's puppy bootcamp!  In this intimate class, limited to just four pups, your furry friend will:

  • Nail the basics: "Sit," "Down," "Stay," and the ever-important "Leave It" – all taught with positive reinforcement and endless patience.
  • Become a social butterfly: Learn to interact politely with fellow pups, play without getting nippy, and share toys like the little gentleman (or lady) they are.
  • Graduate from leash-puller to pawsitive promenader: Discover the joys of a relaxed walk by your side, sniffing adventures and beginning to learn loose leash walking skills. 

But it's not just about the pups! As a proud puppy parent, you'll:

  • Learn to read your pup's body language: Understand those wagging tails, playful bows, and excited yaps to become the ultimate canine translator.
  • Master the art of positive reinforcement: Discover how treats, praise, and gentle guidance can shape your pup into a well-mannered wonder.

Here's what you need to pack for this pawsome adventure:

  • Your adorable pup, ready to learn and play!
  • A bag of yummy treats (positive reinforcement is key!)
  • A comfortable leash and harness for safe walks and adventures.
  • A cozy mat for your pup to relax and claim their own space.

Don't forget the most important ingredient: your love, patience, and boundless enthusiasm!

Ready to unleash the good times? Enroll your pup in this limited-spot class today! Remember, rabies and distemper vaccinations are a must for safe socialization. Let's watch your furry friend blossom into a confident, well-mannered, and pawsitively perfect pup!

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