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Harness and Nose Loop


The original no pull harness. This harness inhibits the full extension of your dog's legs and controls their shoulders. For success, the fit should be snug.


The Freedom Harness is a no-pull T-strap harness. It inhibits pulling, as well as reducing the ability of your dog to pull out of the harness with the T-strap design. An additional back loop for a secondary leash is added security for strong or reactive dogs.

Gentle Leader Head Halter

Head halters act much like a bridle on a horse. Halters are recommended for dogs over 55 pounds. The Gentle Leader's simple design tends to make it easier to condition your dog to wearing it.

Halti Head Collar

The Halti Head Collar is secure and more challenging for your dog to remove. Recommended for strong pullers over 55 pounds. Requires conditioning for the dog to comfortably wear it.

Harness and Nose Loop Recommendation: Testimonials
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