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Go to Bed!

Updated: 6 days ago

Teaching your dog to go to "bed" on cue is more than just a party trick. It's a valuable skill that provides numerous benefits for both you and your furry friend. For your dog, their bed becomes a safe haven, a designated spot to relax and unwind during busy days or overwhelming situations. For you, it becomes a powerful tool for managing behavior. When guests arrive, you can send your dog to their bed for a calm greeting. Feeling overwhelmed? Your dog can find comfort and settle down on cue, giving you both a moment of peace. This simple command can significantly improve your lives together, fostering a calmer and more manageable household.

How to start training your dog to go to it's bed?

  • Have a comfy bed, but a towel or even a rug can work

  • Hold a treat near their nose, and using the treat like a magnet, lure them to the dog bed

  • Lure the Sit and then lure the Down

  • Reward in between their paws on the bed

  • Once they are moving into the Sit and Down on their own in the bed, begin using the cue "Go to Bed!" as you are luring them.

  • We next want to work on distance to the bed, duration of time in the bed and getting the food out of our hands, but that is for another blog post! Begin here and see your dog start to find that going to their bed is highly rewarding.

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